SCENIC ROUTE, encaustic on 10 wood panels, 50″ x 128,” 2014



My work is fundamentally about responding to place and making sense of space. I make 24″ square encaustic paintings that are discrete works, but I always display them in large grids. The installations I create are site specific and unfixed, so paintings appear and reappear in entirely different configurations. Primarily abstract, they reference my lived experience, as a New Yorker confronting an over abundance of visual stimulation. Architecture, textiles, landscape, arial views, patterns, decay, construction, the micro and the macro, all enter my work.

The interest for me is in exploring how bringing the paintings together will highlight or shadow certain compositional elements, based on likeness of color or shape, or some other perceived relationship. This presents an opportunity for viewers to sort through and travel along their own visual pathways from section to section. Movement has always been a theme, having trained and performed as a dancer for many years, and motion is implied in the individual squares through the squeezing, tilting, and bulging of shapes.

A friend and mentor, Dr. Maxine Greene, championed the need to “nurture appreciative, reflective, cultural, participatory engagements and conscious encounters with the arts.” Learning from her, and working as an aesthetic educator for New York arts institutions for over thirty years has greatly influenced the emphasis on viewer response in my own work.


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